Nerva's 2023 year in review

Nerva’s 2023 – Year in Review

How the time flies! It seems like yesterday 2023 started and now it’s coming to an end.

If you’re new to Nerva, here is a brief history:

And here is a blog post covering how it all started:

The year started uneventful. Since the beginning of 2022, the project has been asleep. Nobody has been doing much other than Nerva blockchain producing new blocks and hardcore miners getting tail emission rewards.

In June 2023, discord started getting a little more active after Nerva was added to DogeCash App, a custodial mobile and web wallet. Up until this point we did not have a mobile wallet. There were some talks about creating one but nothing came out of it.

After that, we cleaned up our discord server and got rid of inactive users. We’ve upgraded our bots to help verify users and keep them active and we started our marketing push, trying to get more people involved.

December came and things started picking up quickly. Nerva twitter account started creating tweets that people were willing to engage with. We started attracting new people, some of whom were willing to get involved and help our project. We created Telegram group for people who do not use Discord. New trading pair was added to TradeOgre and we were listed on our second exchange, XeggeX.

During December we got attention of new miners and Nerva’s blockchain hash rate more than tripled!

For a while now, Nerva has been like a sleeping giant. Towards the end of 2023 that giant has woken up!

What will 2024 bring? Nobody knows but as long as there are people willing to get involved, as long as there are miners willing to commit their CPUs to protect and decentralize Nerva’s network, we’ll keep working, we’ll keep grinding and we’ll keep growing!

Nerva XNV on TradeOgre

XNV on TradeOgre Exchange

Nerva has been listed on TradeOgre exchange since 2018. Up to this point, it has been listed under BTC pair only. TradeOgre just added Nerva to USDT pair so now traders can trade it for Bitcoin and Tether.

Here are direct links to both trading pairs:

XNV-USDT trading pair on TradeOgre:

XNV-BTC trading pair on TradeOgre:

Nerva Roadmap

Nerva’s Roadmap

Nerva is a community run project. People who chose to work on the project and spread Nerva’s vision of privacy, security and importance of decentralization in crypto are volunteering their time.

There are no developer taxes, ICO’s or large pre-mine. 1% pre-mine that was set when the project was created in 2018 is long gone with the person who created Nerva.

Because of this, Nerva’s roadmap can be flexible. Things that get done are what the community is willing to do themselves or what they’re willing to fund.

Currently our biggest goal is to build our community by getting existing members more engaged and involved in the project and by reaching new users who share the same vision and would like to join our community.