Nerva's Journey

Nerva’s Journey in Crypto World

In the fast paced world of crypto, new coins are being created by the dozen. With each new crypto gem, devs and insiders of those coins keep promising how their project will revolutionize crypto space, how their crypto is the fastest or the best and what great things it will accomplish. Most of those projects are abandoned or left to die after a year or two. When the hype dies down, there is nobody left interested in the project and there are no buyers willing to keep buying the bags of insiders and early investors.

Nerva has been through the hype period in 2018 and 2019. It was able to attract people because of its vision and goals:
– Monero’s privacy with new mining algorithm that helped it be CPU only minable from inception.
– Accelerated emission as an experiment to see if miners are still willing to mine in tail emission.
– Willingness to stick to 1 CPU = 1 VOTE vision.

As time went by, people started losing interest and towards the end of 2021, the person who created Nerva, abandoned it. The experiment was a failure. Nerva was going to end up like most crypto projects: dead.

There were people in Nerva’s community who believed that Nerva’s distribution has been fair. Whoever wanted to mine was able to mine. Whoever wanted to trade could buy or sell at any time in the history of the project. 1% pre-mine that went to the person who created Nerva was most likely sold before he abandoned the project. Those people believed in Nerva vision of privacy and censorship resistance through CPU only mining. They did not allow the project to die.

Today, Nerva is growing again and attracting new people. What makes the project unique? It’s not the privacy, being CPU only minable, having no pools or even 1 CPU = 1 VOTE vision. It’s Nerva’s history. It’s the fact that the project is still alive and that miners are still willing to mine it after being in tail emission for 3 years. It’s the fact that people are willing to work on growing the community, improving and supporting the project.

Finally it’s the fact that Nerva is truly a community project without funder, has 0.84% annual inflation and under $1 million market cap. This gives Nerva plenty of room to grow as it’s able to attract new people who like its vision, history, are willing to get involved and help it grow.