Thank you for your interest in our giveaway!


To be eligible to win, make sure you follow all the rules in the giveaway. You will be disqualified if you do not.

If you’re the winner, you have 7 days to claim your XNV. If you do not, the funds will be used for the next giveaway.

To randomly select winners, we’ll use giveaway picker to pick winners from replies: 5 winners if giveaway is for 1 winner or 10 winners if more than 1.

We’ll go through that list, starting with 1st pick and will verify that all rules were followed. If not, we’ll disqualify that winner and will move on to the next one until we have correct number of winners.

If we go through all 5 or 10 winners and still do not have enough qualified winners, we’ll use the funds for the next giveaway.

Winnings will be paid in XNV so you need a Nerva address, either your own wallet or from one of the exchanges we’re listed on.

Here are some of our prior giveaways

Nerva Giveaway #3 – 100 XNV (4 winners – 25 XNV each)

Nerva Giveaway #2 – 100 XNV (1 winner – 100 XNV)

Nerva Giveaway #1 – 100 XNV (4 winners – 25 XNV each)

4000 Followers Giveaway – 500 XNV (5 winners – 100 XNV each)

Holidays Giveaway – 1000 XNV (5 winners – 200 XNV each)

XeggeX Listing Giveaway – 2500 XNV (5 winners – 500 XNV each)

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